School Ministries California: Released Time Christian Education the Open Door To California Public Schools

SMI California Kids Released Time Christian Education brings a lost ingredient to public schools: Bible-based moral training.

Surveys show that 65% to 75% of the children attending RTCE classes do not have a church home or any knowledge of the Bible. This program reaches them and also, in many cases, their families with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The classes also enrich the lives of children who attend church, supporting the moral standards for these children as they cope with the many challenges and problems in our society.

We believe Released Time Bible Education is the best way to restore hope to public school children.

Here’s why:

For Churches

  • Released Time Christian Education helps churches reach children who are unable to attend church. Released Time goes where the children are – the public schools.
  • Churches who partner with the local Released Time program will see 100’s of children reached who have no way to get to church. There are many children who don’t know that churches have classes for of all ages – for free!
  • They don’t know about vacation Bible school, Awana programs or Wacky Wednesdays just for kids! Released Time Christian Education introduces those programs to them to help them connect with a church near them.
  • Released Time Christian Education builds relationships with God, parents, family members, peers and people in authority.
  • Released Time also encourages children to get involved in a local church to continue their religious education.

For Parents

  • Parents who want their children’s education to include a moral component will know that their school board is listening and acting upon their wishes. When programming is provided during the school day, there is no inconvenience to parents or requirement to adjust their schedules —children are simply released from a portion of their regular school day once a week to attend Released Time Christian Education.

For Schools

  • Bible classes teach right from wrong, love, and limits, respect for authority and personal responsibility.
    Students find hope, security, confidence, and purpose in small group settings.
  • School leaders see a decrease in attrition as a result of Released Time attendance.
  • Improved test scores of students; even of at-risk students

Measurable Outcomes

During a study conducted by the National Council on Crime and Delinquency1 concluded:

  • Overall, the scores of Oakland Released Time students improve after one year (between the academic year 2001-2002 and 2002-2003) in three categories of literacy skills: comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • Oakland Released Time provides youth with strong adult mentorship and bonding with youth.
  • Oakland Released Time reinforces positive moral development that is antithetical to engaging in criminal or delinquent behavior. See “GOOD KIDS MAKE GREAT STUDENTS.” (National Council on Crime And Delinquency• 1970 Broadway, Suite 500 - Oakland, California 94612)